The Christian in the End of Days

The acim programs in the End of Days is not expected to leave the earth during the great tribulation in the end of the world. In the end of days the christian trust Jesus of Nazareth to keep them lest at any time they dash their feet against a stone. In the End of Days, Christ has promised to keep the Christ from the hour of temptation which will come and test all upon the earth.

Of course many christian will be put to death, but this is a small price to pay to escape eternal damnation and inherit eternal life. Not all Christ will be murdered. Some will be put to dead and on account of their death, other christian will resolve to stand fast in Jesus Christ.

Death to the christian means something completely different from the death of the unbeliever. The believer in his death rest under the altar of Christ, until the appearing of Jesus. The unbeliever, on the other hand is bound hand and feet and cast into the lake of fire. The believer in Jesus of Nazareth and the unbeliever have different and distinct moral values. In the End of Days, one stands on the precipice of eternal life, while the other stands on the precipice eternal damnation.

The Christian In the End of Days is not engrossed with the dreadful signs of the last days. These dreadful signs do not to the christian invoke or provoke fear. The unbeliever, on the other hand is in birth pangs as they look upon fearful and frightening sights which induces panic and desolation in their heart. The unbelievers will tremble with fear and anxiety and be terrified as they look at the dreadful signs in the heavens and upon the earth. In The End of Days, many will take their own life because the sights are too frightening. Many will have neglected to trust the prophecy of Jesus. In the end of the days they refused to turn from material gain and moral turpitude; and now the last day and the end of days, is upon them.

But not so with the Christian in the end of days. For the christian, like the three Hebrew saints in the furnace of fire; they will refuse to dishonor Jesus of Nazareth for a bowel of soup, or thirty pieces of silver. In the end of Days, members of the body of Christ will have prepared to stand firm against the anti-Christ. Even as many depart from the christian faith, in the end of days, the christian, will say as did the Hebrew saints: “O king Anti-Christ, we do not mean to be insolent, but our God can deliver us from your fiery furnace; but O anti-Christ, even if Jesus of Nazareth does not deliver us from the fiery furnace; be it known unto you O Anti-Christ: “We will not bow down and we will not worship you, for Jesus Christ is LORD and beside Him there is no other god”.

In the end of days the christian have prepared for the last day of end of time. The time when many will be given over to pleasure as in the day of Noah before the flood and carried them away; or as in the day of Sodom the fire fail from the heavens while they danced lasciviously. In the end of days, that last day, and the prophetic end of time, the christian will be given over to praise and rejoicing in Jesus of Nazareth; for the joy of the LORD is the strength whereby the believer endures and stand fast until the appearing of Jesus Christ.

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