The Benefits of Using Social Media In Your Church

This shouldn’t be christian mysticism churches online and even brought people online just for the purpose of communicating.

But what does that mean for a church? Can a church benefit from using social media tools? Here are some benefits a church can see from effective using social media use.

New and stronger relationships
Relationships can be both inside and outside your church.

We all know that one of social media’s great strengths is in building connections between people. But it isn’t limited to just between friends or family members.

SM, when used by a church (or more precisely, between someone representing the church) can build connections between the church and individuals, who can be part of the church or outside the church (the people the church is trying to reach).

When the church provides a place to nurture connections, such as on a church’s Facebook page, relationships between individuals (not even involving the church) can grow.

In both cases, new or strengthened relationships increase the sense of belonging or can instill in some people a desire to belong. Through social media, having this sense of belonging in the virtual world can often translate into greater involvement within the church.

More efficient communication with your church’s members
With social media, quick-almost real time communication-becomes possible. Interactions that used to require effort can now happen almost effortlessly. Questions can be answered online or even in online chats with social media. Plus, the improved communication is two-way communication. It’s not only easier for people to contact the church, but it’s easier for the church to contact its members, too.

Increased publicity for activities and events
Social media can greatly expand the base of people that know about your events and activities. And, it’s a well known fact that increased publicity contributes to increased attendance, involvement and participation.

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