Why Would You Want to Use Solar Power?

You have probably heard a lot in the media about the increasing popularity of solar panels being retro-fitted to houses and new houses being designed and built with solar technology in mind. There are a lot of reasons people are turning to balkon solaranlage test power, both for environmental reasons and economic ones. Why do people use solar power? There are a lot of great reasons.

One of the main reasons solar power is becoming so popular is that it is environmentally friendly. Generating electricity from home solar power systems does not emit pollutants like carbon dioxide. Increasing reliance on solar power means less reliance on fossil fuels as a nation, and less reliance on traditional electrical utilities for individuals.

A second great reason to use solar power is to provide your home with electricity that will drastically lower your bill from your local electrical utility company. In fact some people are able to eliminate their electric bill altogether, at least some of the time. Many people who fit their house with solar panels use financing to pay for it. But they are investing in their home rather than the local electric company.

While the solar loan payment is fixed, utility rates continue to increase. In fact, many people who finance solar home power systems have a net positive gain right from the beginning. In other words, their electricity bill goes down by more than the cost of the monthly payment for the solar power system. Some people save up to 80% on their monthly electricity bill. Additionally, in the U.S. there are tax credits for installing solar panels, and some states have their own tax rebates on top of it. Solar power systems pay for themselves within a few years.

Perhaps solar’s biggest advantage is one that is not talked about as much. Solar panels are more efficient than power from other sources. It comes from your roof and goes right into your house rather than from a coal-fired power plant or hydroelectric plant through an electrical grid. Energy made during the day can be stored for use during the night, so you will have no lifestyle changes due to fluctuating home power levels.

When new neighborhoods are planned using solar powered homes, each house has its own “power plant” right on the roof, so there is no need to overbuild the electrical grid in anticipation of the building of a lot of houses. Solar panels can be placed wherever they will receive the most sun, and once they are up, they require little to no maintenance and have a 40 year lifespan. Most have a 25 year warranty as well.

People who learn about the great advantages of solar power and make the decision to convert their house to run on solar energy have several ways of doing this. There are so-called turnkey systems where contractors come in and take care of everything. Installation takes on average two days and only rarely requires access to inside your home.

Some who choose to go solar purchase solar panels and then either install them or hire contractors to do so. There are even people who make their own solar panels and install them, and this is the most cost efficient (and labor intensive) way to go about it. There are ways to convert your house to run on solar power where you can be involved in the process as little or as much as you want to be.

Today’s thin film solar panels are bringing the cost of going solar into a more reasonable territory for most people. With factories in Europe having ramped up production to meet incentive programs there, thin film solar panels are more readily available than ever as well as being more cost-effective than ever. They can be easily incorporated into plans for new houses. Thin film solar panels have been featured on national news stories, and Time magazine even declared them “Invention of the Year.”

With every year that goes by, the reasons for using solar power increase which makes the reasons for sticking with conventional electricity generation decrease. With federal and sometimes state-level tax credits and other incentives, there is more reason than ever before to start using solar generated power.

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