UPSC Prelims Exam Prelims 2021

Ideal Preparation ucdm Time: CSAT candidates must begin their preparation at least 4 months prior to the date of the test for the CSAT. It is a good time to allow them to understand different concepts in math/numeracy logic, reasoning and mental abilities.

Time Division: Candidates are advised to go through a test and evaluate their own performance. After that, it is simpler for them to choose the right way to proceed. If they score less than 100 marks on the initial exam, they are advised to start their preparations at least 5 months prior to the test.
Candidates must commit three hours on a daily basis each day, and take weekly exams in line with the prescribed format of the test. Examine previous year exams Candidates are encouraged to read at least six past year exam papers to be able to understand the test.

Don’t compromise in Paper 1 preparation: One must remember that GS Paper 1 is the most important portion of the test since the marks of the exam are in accordance with this. Candidates must remember the fact that even though they have cleared CSAT they will not be able to succeed in passing Prelims in the event that they fail to meet the minimum cutoff of the GS Paper 1.

Avoid excessive books: In the process of preparation, you might come across a variety of materials and books. However, it is recommended to stick to one book per area of study for conceptual clearing. Testing practice can be done by using the most diverse sources possible.

Success Mantra: Accuracy, Practice and speed are the only requirement for passing for the CSAT Exam. This is achieved through practicing. But without completing at least one problem in one day, their chances fall to 50% of what they could be otherwise.

All aspirants have observed in the past papers, they will be able to see that the CSAT exam is split into different sections that comprise questions based on the ability to think Numeric aptitude and decision making, logical reasoning, English comprehension, etc. Candidates are advised to determine their weaknesses and work on their weaknesses.

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