The Napali Coast on Kauai – By Trail, Sea Or Air

If you could do only one thing on Kauai, I would recommend you explore the Napali Coast (or by its proper name, the Na Pali State Park. I’ve 제주바다뷰숙소 lived in Hawaii for over 10 years and have spent months on the Garden Isle, and there’s a reason you see so much of the Napali Coast in Hawaii travel brochures.

Those majestic, sculpted, green, cliffs rise in places 1,000 feet above the sea, and literally hundreds of waterfalls fed by Mt. Waialeale (one of the wettest spots on the planet) pour down the steep cliffs into their valleys. At the foot of the Napali are pristine white sand beach coves, intriguing sea caves and beautiful sea arches. All this fronting Hawaii’s magnificent blue waters…

I’ve seen the Na Pali three different ways: from a four seater airplane (during an island tour), from a Zodiac raft and from the Kalalau Trail. Other popular ways to see the Na Pali include kayak, sailboat, catamaran and helicopter.

Kolalau Trail

From the trail hundreds of feet above sea level, the views of the ocean, including the reefs at Ke’e are truly astounding. We hiked to the first beach and just before it stopped at a rushing stream to play under a small waterfall. There were little waterfalls along the way and lush forest. Unlike further down the trail, the first two-mile stretch that I routinely hiked was easy and felt safe (I’m afraid of heights). I often saw families hiking here. Depending on where you hike, you may see artifacts of the early Hawaiians here, such as parts of stone walls, terraces, hale (house) platforms, graves, taro patches and heiau (shrines or temples). The Na Pali is a sacred and mystical place.

Napali Airplane and Helicopter Tours

When I took the airplane tour (my first trip to Hawaii), we could see several of the waterfalls that they show in the Hawaii documentaries and Napali videos. The helicopter tours cost about twice as much as the airplane tours but the choppers actually take you back into some of these steep valleys where they hover for close up views.

Our airplane pilot shared lots of interesting stories with us about the geological and cultural history of the Na Pali area before showing us the rest of Kauai island. In ancient times when an ali’i (member of the ruling class) died, a volunteer would rappel down one of the steep cliffs till he found a secret cave where he would hide the bones. He would never return though. The rope would be cut, sending him hundreds of feet to his death, thus ensuring the burial cave would remain forever a secret and the mana (spiritual power) of the ruler’s bones would never be stolen. On a lighter note…

Napali Boat Tours

We took a Zodiac raft tour. The motorized rafts are very sturdy and rigid (the kind the Navy Seals use), but they do bounce over the waves – a lot. I liked it the raft though because being so close to the water made looking up at those towering cliffs all the more impressive and seeing the whales all the more exciting. A humpback whale the size of a bus breeched so close to our raft we could see the barnacles on its head! However, if bouncing over waves isn’t your thing, you might prefer a sailboat sunset cruise or a catamaran snorkeling tour.

Avid scuba divers swoon as you mention Belize. We will have to be one to understand. The refreshing beauty, of the Caribbean Crystal Clear Blue Waters is a dream every scuba diver would like to have. The rich and abundant, colorful corals populated with colonies of spectrum colored fishes and a variety of marine life, making this experience truly to be an under-water paradise.

This group of islands in Central America is just a couple of hour’s flight from most parts of the U.S. & Canada. A tiny, English speaking democratic country is a natural blessing offering us, so much for so little.

Knowing Belize, and finding it so close, is a tourist delight.

Coral Reefs

There are 178 plant species and 247 types of marine flora in the Belize coral reefs. The Belize Coral Reef is the second largest coral reef in the world stretching 180 miles along the entire length of Belize. It is off the shore by 1000 feet, but just touching the shores at Rocky Point. It also beholds about 6000 square kilometers of Lagoon waters.

The reef is home to a number of animals including many rare species. The American Crocodile is living here along with the largest population of the West Indian Manatees. Plenty of Sea-birds and Sea-turtles also house in these lagoons.

The reefs stay at a normal temperature of 61 degrees F, during winter, and at a temperature of 88 degrees F, in summer. These spots are ideal and used for diving, fishing and sight seeing.

White Sand Beaches of Belize

The Belize coastline has a length of over 386 kilometers and a never ending variety of gorgeous beaches spread along the coastline. Although these are not vast and open like you find them at the other parts of the world, but come short as strips of white sand. Many hotels and sea resorts have developed their own beaches in, and around Belize.

The crystal clear blue waters and the white sand that they roll on, is attractive. The native villages and the palm trees lining the sea-side add to the charm. A place if you want to relax, but we’ll do well not to take along our band.

Fishing in Belize Waters

This is Mecca for folks interested in fishing. Spin, fly, trolling and all kinds of fishing can be experienced all year long. The abundance of game fish guarantees an excellent sport, making fishing great all along the coastline.

The lagoons are known for the bonefish, permit and barracuda, while the coral reefs support grouper, snapper, jacks, and barracuda. The deep waters hold sailfish, marlin, bonito and pompano. With guaranteed daily catches, this sport is sure to make you feel like a King.

Alexander the Great, fishing along Belize coast line. Float along and take in the sights along the second largest of the world’s barrier reef. The colors of the corals and the small friendly fish, will tickle your senses to charm. Swim right up to the various channels and inlets along the backside of the reefs. Have some great views of fishes in extraordinary colors, and corals that house them.

These delightful sights, all bathed in crystal clear Caribbean waters, is simply making Belize the promised paradise. Open up the ocean treasures for you and you’ll find this abundantly in Belize. The crystal clear waters surrounding Belize offer spectacular viewing of these hidden treasures that can change human perceptions of life around us.

Scuba diving is the most active sport in Belizean life. The cayes and atolls provide a wonderful opportunity for scuba diving, and with the waters filled with a superior marine habitat, this could be an enlightening experience in many ways.

The coral cayes are distinct by the presence of the palm trees surrounding them, are house to a colorful and friendly variety of marine life.

The mangrove cayes are generally inhabitable by humans, but however provide a wonderful opportunity for the birds and marine life to thrive. Many birds, fish, shellfish, and marine organisms begin their lives in the protection of these mangroves.

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