The Magic of Money: Why the Rich Are Rich and You’re Not

Today I would like to discuss the metaphysics of مكن عد النقود, the truth about the nature of money, and not the popular fallacies perpetuated by MSNBC and Fox news. Most people don’t have the foggiest idea about how money is created, where it comes from, and why the super rich ( top 5%) know the true secrets into the soul of money. (In the creation of money I am speaking on the personal level as to what the elite wealthy do and the not the government creation which is the fractional reserve banking system which we are all familiar with where as $1,000 is made into $10,000 through a series of deposits in various banks).

The super rich know, and this is the key, money has a soul. It’s totality has a consciousness; i.e. you can talk to it and communicate with it. The super rich, who control the money markets, as well as the government created wealth, create super wealth without even taxing the people. They control the amount of money in circulation, they control how much money is created, and they create the condition where everyone, including governments, barrow from them this thing call money. So the key to wealth creation is communicating with money on its level. How do we bring this down to the level of the individual on the street? Can we replicate the spiritual ceremonies the super wealthy do? Yes, and yes.

Recognize and acknowledge the consciousness of money. Take a dollar bill out and stare at it for three minutes. Say “… to the collective consciousness of all dollars. Reveal your secrets and essence to me. I am one with you. I love you.” Repeat this. Visualize yourself sitting in the eye in the capstone of the great pyramid, and you become “the eye.” You will immediately feel and see the ancient wisdom from which that power was born. The eye of Horus, the anagram of the dollar sign which “is Isis”, and the rest of the ancient embedded code that takes you back to Atlantis.

In brief, money is all about magic. That is the ultimate secret of money. Magic creates money and magic allows the wealthy to accumulate even more. The poor and middle class don’t stand a chance. While the poor work at minimum wage jobs the super rich, meanwhile, are engaged in magical ceremonies. I am not at liberty to reveal these ceremonies and tricks they use but I have told you how to make up your own. It will work! Believe it will work. Study the symbols on the dollar bill for they are there for a reason, for a very serious reason.

The key is to meditate and/or focus on money and communicate with it. Remember money thinks, feels, and directly communicates with the universe and all living beings. I can’t tell you all the secrets here. You have been given the critical first steps to understanding the core of money. Money will talk back and reveal her essence. Study and meditate on money and you will see, even though it’s very subtle, she will show you her secrets. Knowing money is a very ancient wisdom and allow magic and ceremony to communicate and gravitate it to you. Meditating and focussing on money through ceremony actually embeds the money frequency into your DNA and energetic etheric body. Money at its core is a frequency, it does have a good side and a bad side.

Money that is derived from armaments, drugs, and crime is obviously bad and should be avoided, due to karma. Money derived from creative and productive pursuits that benefit mankind are to be embraced, also karmic in nature. Understanding the energy and frequency of money, bringing it into your being, to become one with it, will make it much easier to attract real wealth.

Finally, create a personal ceremony with money that you will repeat several times. Consider using a shaman to help jumpstart your ceremonies to understand and work with money. An authentic shaman will help you design and create a unique ceremony just for you. It’s money well spent in the right place. Money is waiting for you to understand its real nature. When you realize that money, in reality, is not merely a thing of a finite nature, but rather a thing of infinite nature; a being that wants to communicate with you and wants to be in balance with you.

This is the first step. Understanding and knowing the nature of money will allow you to decipher their code and work with it in a very powerful way. Your birthright is not to be without money. All of mankind’s birthright is to have money but the secrets of money are being hidden by those who wish to retain the power of money. Fear not and let the wealth of the universe fill your wallet. On a final note, and this is a truth that has been taught to me and not revealed to the average man, money is a local custom; in that, earth is the exception rather than a rule of alien races. I don’t really care if you believe this but that is what the extraterrestrials say. Money causes suffering. It is a uniquely man made creature that thinks and feels. The ET races are completely baffled by our use of money especially with all the poverty that exist because of it.

When the children of this planet wake up to the actual true nature of money suffering will, by and large, disappear. Meanwhile, your job as an awakened being is to understand this on a personal level and incorporate these teachings into your life. Make money a living creature. Respect it as a living being. Communicate with it. The more we use money in a balanced way we bring the good use of money back into balance with the bad use. Unfortunately, money is out of balance with the universe today and most people mis-use it and attain it in a rather dark way.

Begin using the exercises above to begin your journey into understanding the inner being that which we call “Money!” Understand the present economic depression (for that is really what we’re experiencing today) is a result of the super rich elite mis-using money. From their cue we, in turn, mis-use money because we are taught that by our TV culture. I can’t emphasize that enough. Giving money to your church does not count as a good use. It’s servicing humanity, it’s being of service to those around you. Bring money back into balance in your personal life, use ceremony in expanding it’s light, and communicate with it on a personal level, as if talking to your best friend. Changing your attitude and beliefs about money, as expressed in this article, is a very major first step in restoring the personal magic of money into your life.

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