There are a few main features of the un curso de milagros writing process which are described here. Readers should understand that this is an introductory article and tackling the entire process is far more challenging and filled with details not covered here.

As an author I need an entire year to write a decent book, and that is assuming that the work goes rather smoothly. Some authors are a lot slower, spending 2 years traveling and doing research to even be able to begin their writing-proper.

Now and then someone does whip out a good story in just a few months or weeks from wild inspiration. Often these are flukes even for the artist, and I have seen at least one result in which: she had a good story but it really needed at least one more very thorough round of editing which she never gave it. Readers may have heard of the entire rough draft produced at a 3 week long writer’s retreat. Groups can make people much more productive.

Type of Book

This is the most important aspect of the project. Are you going to write a nonfiction book or a fiction novel? If the book is going to be a nonfiction book, there is more than one way to decide which type of book to write. One can look at the market and see what is most needed. One can look at oneself and see what one most wants to write about. Each leads to a good decision but not the same kind of wise choice.

If the book is going to be nonfiction, then one needs to make a decision on which type. Likewise if fiction, it helps to know the genre before one begins the writing process.

The goal of the end product does also matter. If one is just doing the work for fun, without any need to make money from doing it, then one can be driven more by preference and maybe take more risks. Money making endeavors can involve risks, but on


You may have just a simple form of the idea.


You have to decide based on your self-knowledge whether or not you are going to pitch your idea to the publishing industry at this stage, or after you have an outline, or after you have written the book. There is one other option and that is to put together enough for a book proposal and pitch that.

Pitching an idea, means meeting with or calling or emailing industry moguls to see if any of them are interested in your idea. For some people this is the easy part, but for others this is the part that is harder than making a private trip to the Moon.

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