Taking Care of Our Lips During the Summer

The summer season can be damaging to our skin. The heat and sun can dry the skin leaving it rough, chapped, and burnt. Most people find ways to reduce the impact of the summer elements on the skin and hair, but often neglect lip tattoo perth care. During the summer, our lips can suffer from damage, so they need care too. Excessive sun and heat can dry the lips leaving them dry and chapped.

Lips do not contain oil producing glands so they do not produce oil like our skin. Excessive heat and UN sun rays can dehydrate our lips. There are a number of effects of overexposure to the sun and increased temperatures that include pain, redness, roughness, flaky lip skin, bleeding, and tenderness. As well, the thin skin on your lips lacks melanin which is the pigment that protects skin from damaging UV rays, so it is essential that the lips are protected with a sunscreen.

Practicing routine lip care can ensure lips stay smooth and soft throughout the summer months. The following lip care tips will help keep your lips healthy and soft.

Apply Lip Balms: Lip balms protect the lips from the sun and other harsh elements. They moisturize and prevent lips from drying and chapping. There are lip balms that are available with SPF protection. Organic lip balms are one of the better choices. Sesame oil is also a good product for comforting the lips. As well, Shea butter helps the skin cells retain moisture and restores elasticity.

Drink Water: When you drink plenty of water during the summer months, your body and skin will stay hydrated. This will also help keep your lips hydrated.

Don’t Irritate Your Lips: Avoid licking your lips as that will increase irritation. Biting the skin on your lips will only exacerbate lip irritation which will inhibit healing. It tears at the lip skin and encourages drying.

Apply Lip Gloss: Lip gloss is a great cosmetic addition that contains a lot of moisturizing properties. It makes your lips appealing while proving protection from dehydration. There are a variety of lip glosses available.

During the summer, heat, wind, and the sun, can draw out the moisture and damage the lips. It is important to prevent the damaging effects of exposure by using a lip care product that soothes, restores, heals, and moisturizes the lips. Following a daily lip care health routine will ensure beautiful and soft lips.

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