Sell Used Books and Make Cash

a course in miracles book Scout plays an important clog in the wheel of every book store A book dealer cannot be everywhere all the time, and it is the perfect place to sell used books. He has chosen to stay behind the counter of his store and sell the books. Most people think when you work in a book store all you do is read. This is not true. Usually, they have so much work to do they have no time for reading.

Which book store might not need a Book Scout? Every book store is there to buy used books. Well, sometimes paperback exchanges in large cities will claim they get so many books in they don’t need a Book Scout. And this might be true. But if a scout keeps visiting long enough and the owners know he is a Book Scout, then one of these days he is going to be asked find a certain book.

Being clever, the Book Scout arrives the next morning with the Book. “How did you do that?” they ask. We have been waiting for this book to come in as our customer keeps asking us for it. The Book Scout just smiles as he has secrets to hide and of course he is not going to tell them how he found the book so fast.

The Paperback Exchange.

Trade your books in and get books back. That was the original concept of The Paperback Exchange, but it’s changed a lot over the years. But one thing is not going to change, is that they need books. You’re going to make money here. There is practically no Book Store around that will not buy another copy of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Ok, you’re now making money, if of course, you can find some copies of this book cheap enough to sell to the Book Store and make some money. That is what being a Book Scout is all about. That’s what Book Scout is trained to do.

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