Mera Jism Meri Merzi–Negative Feminism

The all-pervasive notion of Mera Jism Meri Merzi in Pakistan needs a deep and careful analysis. On the surface. it looks simple and gives an easy opportunity to anyone to give an opinionated comment. But in reality it’s deep and old, as old as human race itself. And I would not perhaps be fully wrong to say that it was one of the most fundamental, and strongest, arguments put forward by Satan in paradise while poisoning Eve’s mind. Did Eve not practice Mera Jism Meri Merzi ideology when she ate of the fruit, against the Divine lip tattoo perth? It demands a deep thinking. In this short article, I would endeavour to present to you the arguments in this regard from religious and social perspectives.

To start with the religious perspective, I would briefly say that in Islam our body (jism) is not ours: it’s Allah’s; it’s a sacred trust given to us by Allah that is why why we are not allowed to self harm ourselves (suicide), or even modify our body (tattoos, etc). So from Islamic perspective neither our body nor our merzi (will) is fully ours. Rather we have to use our will to understand The Divine Will and then dissolve our will into the Will of God; that’s the optimum level of will or free will (merzi) we have. Is it not outrageously blasphemous that we say it’s ‘my body’ when Allah categorically says everything on the Earth, in the Heavens and in-between belongs to Him?:

Please beware of those who twist the interpretation to serve their purpose. It’s as evident as it is. Everything, every single particle in the whole cosmic order, is Allah’s Ownership, and whosoever else “has” anything, it is given for a certain time and thus has associated roles and responsibilities which have to be fulfilled as long as one keeps that sacred trust. This interpretation can also guide us towards the essential purpose behind creation, because the purpose can only be assigned by the owner. You change the owner, the purpose changes.

If I own something then why would I let someone else allocate the purpose to it? It’s like I build a beautiful house and then ask my neighbour if I should make it an orphanage, a shop, a school, a hospital or a pub! Verily, as long as the house belongs to me, it’s ‘I’ who will give it the purpose and none else. Now here comes the trick. The moment we claim the ownership of our body, we actually take the ownership of its purpose as well, and that purpose may or may not be Divine. In fact, in that case there may or may not be any intervention or inclusion of Divine whatsoever because it’s ‘my’ body. This will completely displace us from the path and purpose assigned to us by our actual Creator and Owner. So the claim Mera Jism Meri Merzi is outrageously blasphemous in Islam.

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