Kindle Book Marketing – How to Write Your Promo Text

So you have started to promote your david hoffmeister em portugues, found a few good kindle promotion websites and are about to send your book and hope that info about it will be published. You have your cover and amazon link prepared, and your amazon description as well… hold on! Should you really use the same description as on your book page on amazon?

Definitely not.

There are two sides to this answer: a technical one and one given by marketing specialists.

Technically, why should I write a new description?

Because the kindle promo sites are indexed by Google. Every time that a site publishes the very same text about your kindle book, it gets a penalty from Google indexing scripts, which regards it as a duplicate. Web traffic coming from Google search is a very significant source of visits to these sites, so what it basically means is that if you’ll use the same text everywhere, when your potential book reader will search in Google for a new book, your book has got a decreased chance to appear high in the results.

In the terms of kindle book marketing, why should I write a new description?

Imagine that you are a kindle reader, who is searching for a new book. You are visiting kindle recommendation websites, and you find an interesting book. You admire the cover, read a description, and finally click a link to amazon… and you find exactly the same text and image there. It is something that looks boring, and turns off a potential buyer. Instead, you should write a new description and lead your potential reader to amazon, where he should assure himself that he should buy your kindle book.

How to write a kindle book description to use on kindle promotion websites?

– make it short, but not too short. It should not give more info about your book than one used on amazon, but cannot be too mean as it won’t interest anyone.

– write something that makes a reader curious, and will lead him to your book as a place where he’ll get the answers.

– take a kindle promotion site profile into consideration. If you are submitting to a site promoting paid kindle books, emphasize why your kindle book is good and interesting.

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