How to Buy and Collect Books to Make Extra Money

Not everyone purchases acim to merely  read, some people buy and collect books to make extra money,  Most  of us just let them take up  space in our homes.  If reading is one of your hobbies you should know how to spot a book that collectors might want to buy. You could end up getting  paid for reading books, something that you already enjoy doing. 

If you buy books regularly, then learning how to identify  the ones that have the potential to rise in value, can help to fuel your  book collecting. You should always buy books that  interest you,  while keeping an eye out for those that  are worth collecting. Two types of books are generally sought by collectors,  photograph books and first editions of modern fiction.

How  To Find Collectible Books

A book doesn’t have to be printed in the last century to appreciate in value.  There simply has to be a demand for the book,  because of it’s subject matter or other intrinsic values.   William Eggleston’s Guide was published in 1976. By 1980 a  used copy of the book was selling for  $25 or $30.  The newer editions of the book cost $25, one that’s a collectible will cost you a couple of hundred bucks.  There are clubs you can join that specialize in collecting signed first printings of an author’s first book.

Signed vs Unsigned Books

A signed  copy of Harry Potter recently sold  for over $19,000 dollars at a Dallas auction.  The book was part of  a small quantity of 200 soft back ,  first editions of the J K Rowlings classic.   First editions are usually  printed in limited numbers and  once it becomes a bestseller, the publisher  prints additional copies to satisfy the demand for the book.

To be valuable,  books  have to be in immaculate condition. Signed copies can command a heftier price over an unsigned version. However, if the book is rare enough having a unsigned copy can still net you a profit too.  In the past only a few authors signed their books, unlike today when most of them tour the country signing hundreds of copies in a single day.

How To Find Collectible Books At Bargain Prices

There are lots of  places to fine bargains on  books. You can buy used books online from reputable sources like Amazon or book dealers on eBay.  People who are moving or downsizing their homes may donate clothing and unwittingly give away a valuable book to  local thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. These can be valuable off-line sources for bargains on books. 

 Here are a  few last tips for anyone considering collecting books for fun or profit.

To get the highest price possible a book has to be  in tip top condition.  As the baby boomers retire they’ll have more time on their hands to read. They may start  collecting more books that represent their generation.   James Bond  books, Oscar Wilde and literature that chronicles the Vietnam War may start to move up in value.

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