Do You Know The Correct Size Betta Fish Tank Or Aquarium For Your Betta Fish

Obtaining a betta fish tank really should be one of your beginning considerations, when you are thinking about getting a betta fish for yourself, a friend or a member of your family.What will probably shock you as you work through the 드럼통, is the number and variety of fish tanks and aquariums which are available. Betta tanks and betta bowls come in many sizes, one gallon tanks, two gallon tanks, ten gallon, twenty gallon and on and on. Some are round, you can find wine glass shaped, some can be square however others can be almost any shape you  imagine.  A lot will depend on how many fish you going to have, where you are placing the tank and if there is going to be other fish within the tank together with your betta.If you are thinking of having just 1 betta, a two gallon size tank should really be enough.

The dimensions likely to be about 12\” L X 10\” W X 7\” H and will be suitable for a desk top, counter or a small stand. Your fish will have plenty of room to swim and you can add rocks and plants and still not overcrowd the tank.If you are lucky enough to have a little more room, a three gallon tank will be sufficient for one or possibly two fish. The dimensions would be approximately 15\” L x 9\” W x 11\” H. This tank would allow enough room for rocks and plants, and would allow each fish to have their own section of control. But, be absolutely certain that you haven’t got two male bettas in your tank, they could fight and ultimately kill or harm each other.If you are really pushed for space, one betta can survive in a one gallon tank, which will be about 8\” L x 10\” W x 7.5\” H. This won’t be ideal, but when you think about the plastic cup they had as a home in at the pet store, a one gallon will certainly be a big improvement.

While making your tank purchase, consider what might go into the tank. If you have large plants, rocks or display pieces, say for example a pirate ship, a large tank will be your best option.  Bettas like areas that they can hide in, for example under rocks, under plant leaves and in the small crevices of the ornamental display pieces. Even though a betta is a small fish, the addition of these extra items, will demand a larger home for these fish.Remember that these fish tanks may be found in a variety of shapes as well as sizes, meaning that you can purchase a tank to fit into any decor you may actually have. Having multiple fish will present an entirely new problem situation that you must consider.Male bettas, the bright colorful ones, will fight for domination of a tank, never put two male bettas together in a tank. Female bettas will also fight other female bettas for tank domination, but a male and a female can be in the same tank.

If you would like to have and observe many bettas in a tank, I usually suggest going with females, they aren’t as colorful, but will get along much better. The more females you have got in the tank the better, the surprising thing is, the more in a tank the less fighting. A very good starting number would be 5 females. One good starting point, is to allow 5 gallons per fish as soon as you have multiple fish in a tank. This would mean a 25 gallon tank for your 5 female bettas. Each female will attempt to control a portion of the tank, so provide them with plants and rocks, so they can have separate areas from the other fish. A few toys and items of interest, such as rocks, plants or a few display pieces, will provide stimulus for the fish and may stop them from being bored, which can lead to the attacking of other fish in the tank.Providing the correct size fish tank for your betta, or bettas, will help to ensure that your fish will have a happy, healthy life.

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