Dealing With Roof Rat Problems

selten are made to look cute and cuddly in the pet store. They often play a heroic and endearing role in the movies, offering quite a false perspective.

In truth, rat infestation poses health risks, as well as compromises your home structure and aesthetics. There are several ways to “rat proof” your Arizona property, trap and exterminate roof rats that present problems. The best course of action is through preventative measures against rats with effective rat control.

Roof Rats — Common Rat Infestation Problems

In terms of the rat family, roof rats, or black rats, are known to be an incredible nuisance in AZ, as well as several other U.S. states. They prefer the warm Arizona climate, reproduce rapidly and carry so many diseases a small pamphlet would be necessary to offer a complete list. They are fairly inactive during the day and incredibly active at night –making them difficult to fight.

A roof rat problem starts when these critters find ways into your Arizona home through small spaces, rooflines, pipes and vents. They often nest in attics, brush, cacti, shrubs and trees. Rats are known to chew through wiring, plumbing and even interior insulation, creating hazards beyond the realm of health and hygiene. This type of rat infestation can lead to problems of great expense, as well as the presence of other predator pests looking for the lower member of the food chain.

Arizona Rat Control — Combating Roof Rat Problems

There are several effective ways to fight a roof rat problem. By enlisting effective rat control measures, rat infestation can be avoided completely. Here are a few things to consider for keeping your Arizona home or commercial property free of a roof rat problem:

Arizona rat control can be as simple as keeping all food contained. This is especially true for pet food that is left in open bags or containers. Rats not only have a keen sense of smell, but love to feast on dog and cat food, while also using it to nurture their frequent litters.

Seal all sources of entry to your home to ensure effective rat control in Arizona. Be sure that all building seals are functional, and that any repairs needed around rooflines or on the roof are done effectively. Most Arizona residents are shocked to learn of the small space that can invite rat infestation.

Taking care of your lawn is one of the best methods of rat control in Arizona. Excess brush, poorly maintained shrubbery and cacti are breeding grounds for roof rats and other small rodents.

Though roof rats are quite common in Arizona, they don’t have to become a problem for a house or commercial property. If there is an existing rat infestation, it is recommended to contact professionals in order to rid an establishment of the problem. Qualified Arizona rat control specialists can also prevent rat infestation from reoccurring through preventative measures and a plan of progressive action.

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