Challenge the Modern House With the Classic Brick

We hear our grandparents talking about it all the time: the constant referral to ‘modern houses‘. We listen of course, but we will never really understand just how much has changed since ‘their day’. The invention and development of technology, the way we communicate with mobile phones, internet and that alien thing called ‘social networking’? The modern world thrives on technological advancements and the shinier, slimmer and more buttons something has the better it will do in this world.

Now one thing that we too have noticed is the advancement of our housing. No matter how cool or quirky our generation strives to be, nothing will ever replace the feeling of coming home to a warm, comfortable home filled with memories and home-made delights.

However, some of these new ‘housing’ programmes we see, the ones with run down sheds being transformed into distorted castles, depict a new modern take on how our houses should look. They promote the remote, still, empty, plain and clinical feeling through their ‘homes’. Aluminium houses and an entire wall made out of glass isn’t too appealing, we agree with the elderly generation with this: let the brick stay!

Warm, cosy and durable; the brick is a material that has proven to be a success and it should live on. The thought of the ‘TV trend’ catching on would be a somewhat mini disaster, the thought is of coldness; pure white walls may appear clean but they are certainly chilling.

So what are the perks of brick? Why does this material belong in a shiny new world?

Well, first of all brick houses are less maintenance. You will never have to fear the presence of decay or rotting, durability is on the bricks’ side; along with convenience for yourself and also the economy.

As you will be aware, bricks are a lot more energy-efficient. Imagine the money it would cost to heat up a ‘modern’ house, the condensation on the inside of that glass wall would certainly not justify the money spent! Brick will keep your warm in the winter and cool in the summer; this will of course decrease your bills and increases your fire safety.

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