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Therefore, you should time david hoffmeister mexico marketing campaign so that procuring Amazon reviews is at the head of the list, not at the bottom. Nail those reviews first, and it’s like attaching a rocket booster to everything you do afterwards.

Here’s what Amazon reviews will do for your book.

Every author has his or her unique way of marketing, but a few core principles adhere to anyone’s campaign, no matter how it plays out. And it’s a cold hard fact that getting your book reviewed on Amazon is one of these core elements of success.

I’ll show you why Amazon reviews act as a multiplier for other marketing techniques in just a moment. But first, just to drive the point home, here are four benefits of nabbing some Amazon reviews before you begin your major marketing push:

– They provide social proof for your book – Amazon is king when it comes to checking out stuff we want to buy. Why? It’s those reviews!

– One Amazon review encourages more- nobody wants to be first.

– If you get 10 reviews, the book qualifies to be listed in “also bought” or “you might like” sections on Amazon when consumers are purchasing other books.

– Amazon reviews will help you get your book reviewed on other review sites, since that’s often a qualifying factor.

Even if you’re a long way from selling thousands of copies through Amazon, get those reviews in there anyway. The goal is to prove your book exists in the mind of other readers who have bought and read it.

By doing this, you’re coaxing your potential customers into a comfort zone where they’ll be more likely to purchase your book. Nobody wants to be the first one out on the dance floor, or even the third or the fourth. Most people want to see a handful go before them before they’ll follow.

Compare your book launch to the opening of a new restaurant.

Debuting your completed book without first having some reviews on Amazon is like opening a restaurant without first building any fanfare. As a restaurateur, you’d be expected to drum up support for your opening night to fill as many seats as possible, right? You’d be out of your mind to open without some sort of pre-launch buzz (at the very least an ad in the local paper).

In the restaurant industry, it’s considered better not to launch at all than to have zero patrons your first day. You should think of your book launch the same way. When you begin the bulk of your advertising initiatives, it’s good to have someone already “there” to say it’s a good product… hence the reviews.

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