Astrology Yogas to Become a Police Officer

Police personnel and the armed forces have remained the fascination of many people. Not only men,Astrology Yogas to Become a Police Officer Articles even women in large numbers dream of wearing the uniform, working in a disciplined top Maine architects, and serving the country and its citizens, as police officers.


Yogas refer to the astrological formations of a natal chart, which generally bring benefits to the natives. It is believed that for much good to happen in life, or for dreams to get fulfilled, a person has to enjoy some such Yogas.

Yogas for Police

Mars is the warrior planet, which can bestow a person with courage, strength, aggression, and passion. It also represents weapons, bullets, etc. This makes Mars play an extremely significant role in propelling a person to the role of a police officer. Saturn can be said to follow Mars close by in this regard. Being the Karma Karaka, Saturn is the significator of profession, duties, and responsibilities. It is also the planet for justice and can make a person disciplined. Thus, Mars and Saturn are the planets that may count the most in respect of a person joining the police force.

The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, among other things, stand for punishment and law, respectively. Hence these two can also have an impact on a person going in the police line.

Now, let us come to the Houses of the horoscope.

The Ascendant or the 1st House can very well be called the most important House of a natal chart. This represents the bodily frame of a person and can influence the physical aspects like appearance, height, etc. The association of the fiery Mars with this Ascendant House can make a person readily accept adventures and challenges.

As Mars represents courage among the planets, it is the 3rd House that denotes this trait among the Houses of a horoscope. If this House gets related to the Ascendant or its planetary Lord, and also comes under Mars influence, that can make the person daring and committed to serving the country in some capacity. The 6th is the House of enemies, and if that remains strong and is linked to the fighter Mars, that may bestow the person the will to battle the enemies and overcome them.

The 10th House is the Karma Sthana, the House of occupation. When the relationship between this House and the 8th House, which represents secrets, is quite strong, it can point to many possibilities of the natives joining the police force.

Also, Rahu’s association with the Ascendant or the Ascendant Lord, or with the 10th House or its Lord, can provide a person with sound ability to frame policies. A Mars-Ketu link can also be of help in this regard.


When the aggressive Mars and the ‘disciplinarian’ Saturn get associated with the 10th House, the Karma Sthana, the chances that the native will become the police or army person may go up.
When Pisces is the Ascendant, that is the 1st House, the zodiac sign Scorpio becomes the 9th House, the Bagya Sthana, the House of fortune. This makes Mars the planetary Lord of that House, who then aspects, that is, cast its glance on the 12th House ruled by Saturn. Also, with the 1st House as Pisces as above, Venus becomes the Lord of the 3rd House of Taurus, which is the Dhairiya Sthana, the House of courage.
In this scenario, i) If Saturn, the Lord of the 11th House, denoting fulfillment of desires, is placed with Venus in the Ascendant, and the planetary Lord of the Ascendant or the 10th House aspects it. ii) When the Sun, denoting authority and command, and Mercury representing intelligence and diplomacy are placed together in the 6th House that stands for enemies and winning over others – these formations can make the chances of the native becoming a police officer, quite bright
Ketu is the planet for secret actions. Mars’ association with the ‘secrecy-indicator’ Ketu is a prime requirement for a person to work in the investigative field or as a secret agent. When these planets get linked to the Ascendant, 3rd House, 8th House, or the 10th House, or their planetary Lords, the chances of the natives joining the police force become quite high.
Seek Astrological Help

Now you must be having a fair idea about the astrology Yogas that can help to make a person join the police force. If you have a strong desire to serve either in the army or in the police, you can definitely bank on astrology to know what providence has in store for you in this regard. While professional astrologers who are experts in their field are available at many places for consultation, people can also seek the assistance of online astrology, to know about their prospects.

Trust you will be able to avail of their services to your best advantage and fulfill your dream of serving the country as a police officer.

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