Tips for Producing Bigger Vape Clouds Relx Pods

You may have been wondering about how some people can produce big vape clouds while your puffs resemble steam blowing from mouths during mild winters. Don’t worry this blog post is dedicated to you. You will also, like others, be able to produce big Relx Pods clouds like a pro. Before going into the depth, let’s make it clear that producing bigger vape clouds is not rocket science. All it requires is increasing vapour production and the basic technique. You should receive more vapours and the appropriate way of modifying to produce a bigger vape cloud.

Increasing the power of mod is one of the eminent factors that play its role in helping you produce big vape clouds. Increasing power means using a powerful battery and a low resistance coil. These add to vaporizing e-liquid at a higher speed. In such a way, you receive vapours rapidly at a higher pace than general. When you choose the vape tank, make sure it is the one that uses mesh coils. The increased surface area of meshed coils maximizes the contact of e-liquid to the coil. Sub-ohm- vaping, one of the popular trends nowadays is all about the increased power. Most vapers are buying cheap sub-ohm vape tanks in the UK. These are the devices which have a minimal resistance, less than one ohm. Increasing the power does not directly help you produce big vapes but you will receive quicker vapours that combine to form a bigger vape cloud.

Increasing airflow is an additional process to enhance the vapour production at a quicker pace. When airflow is increased at the atomizer, more air will find its way to travel over the coils. This bolsters the production of vapours at a greater speed. Greater the airflow, cooler is the vape and more comfortable it becomes to inhale.

Choosing the right e-liquid is another pro-tip to increase vapour production. The e- liquids are made up of two main components, Vegetable glycerin(VG) and Propylene Glycol(PG). Some e-liquids have an amalgamation of both elements, and others have distinct elements. Propylene glycol offers the flavour that hits at the throat, and the vegetable glycerin produces vapour. Because your purpose is producing bigger vapes therefore, you need more vapes you must choose e-liquids that are high in VG.

It is the technique that is the key player in producing bigger vape clouds. No matter how enhanced vapour production is, you will always need to know how to appropriately design the vapours. It includes an accurate combination of inhalation, exhalation, and body posture.

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