Moving Pods: An Affordable And Convenient Way To Move

Moving pods, or portable on demand containers, are a convenient way for movers to store, pack and ship belongings. Movers simply invite the company to deposit a Relx Pods to the desired location point, and there the mover has several weeks to stow packed boxes and belongings into the pod. Upon finishing, the mover calls the company, who in turn returns to the location to pick up and take back the pod to the company warehouse. When the day of the move arrives, the company hauls the pod to the final location. There, the pod can remain for as long as desired by the mover, who then, when finished unpacking, contacts the company requesting they take the pod off the mover’s hands.

PODS® is an affordable service if the mover takes into account all the conveniences the service offers. PODS® offers the same affordable price for one day or thirty, and without hidden fees. Across-town moves average out to be about the same as U-Pack, or any other moving company, and moving across the country, roughly estimated, is about the same price as Budget or U-Haul, depending on the size and weight of the truck.

Planning ahead is key to a smooth move, and having time to organize the move is a vital part of the process. What is more convenient than packing and loading up the moving pod at leisure? With so much time to work with, the mover can take a deep breath, and mentally outline what needs to be done. Not being rushed means the mover can tackle problems in a deliberate manner, and avoid the consequences of mistakes down the road.

Upon arriving at the new home, the mover, if driving a typical moving truck, will be forced to unpack everything quickly, probably loading all of the boxes and items in one room, or the garage. This creates a slow, stressful unpacking situation that, when using a moving pod, can be avoided. Moving pods allow the mover to unpack gradually, ensuring proper placement of items in the home, and a more laid back experience all around.

PODS® allows moving pods to be stored indefinitely, for a daily, weekly, or monthly fee. Not having to worry about where to keep the pod is a plus for any mover. Movers living in apartment buildings, who may not have a place to keep the pod, can benefit from this.

When convenience and affordability go hand in hand, the outcome is destined to be a good one. Not having to deal with the hassle of last minute packing is priceless, and guarantees a low-anxiety, mental state. As hectic as moving can be, there is no reason to have to suffer through it, and using moving pods will make the entire ordeal much easier.

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